Family Sessions with Kayla

A session with Kayla is intentional time to be with the ones that you love most, to take a breath from the busyness of life and to be present and real, to be honest & heartfelt.

Kayla provides vivid and bright imagery of the spontaneous moments and the posed moments so that you receive a variety of imagery that reflects your family best!


Kayla helps you and your family keep and collect moments so that you can relive them over again!

"The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories"

Are you ready to invest in your memories?

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& I am passionate about preserving and reliving memories

I tell the story of my life through photos and that has never been so important to me as it is now since having my first child. Max has brought a whole new meaning to the importance of preserving and reliving small moments.


Life moves so quickly and capturing milestones can be easy and fun, that's why I am passionate about capturing honest and heartfelt imagery of you and the ones you love most. 

I offer engaging and "free-range" fun for families so that you can relax and feel authentic in front of the lens. I capture the spontaneous and the posed so that you have a variety of images to look back on in love.