What's a session with you like?

I love what I do and I want you to also love what I do!

My topmost priority is that you feel comfortable and relaxed during your session so that you recieve images that truly reflect you and your brand!

Clients often describe my sessions as more of hangout! We always have a lot of fun!

I am professionally trained in photography which means I can take lovely styled and posed photographs but it also means that I can capture the spontaneous and unexpected moments as well.

Here are a few suggestions to make a session one to remember!

  • Embrace and be present in the moment! 

  • Choose a location that speaks to you and accurately reflects your brand!

  • Always communicate with me! If you have a creative idea, I want to hear it!


Let's get the ball rolling by reaching out to me on my contact page, and I will gladly get back to you within 24 hours!

  • We will then agree on a package for services, date, time, and location that works for us best!

  • The next step is signing a digital agreement that outlines everything you can expect from me and what I expect from you.

  • You will receive an invoice that outlines payments and payment due dates.

  • Once the session is completed, you will receive access to a digital gallery delivered via email where you can choose the photos you would like to receive as digital copies. Most galleries have a limited number of photos you will receive with the option to purchase more.

How do I get started?


What should I wear?

So you've booked your session and now you're thinking about the little details, I totally get it!

Each session is different but there a few tips that I always recommend. 

  • Always keep your brand in mind! What are your colours and what is your signature style?

  • Always wear what feels like "you"! Stay true to your style and you will feel way more comfortable in front of the lens! 

  • Avoid small repeating patterns such as small polka dots or lines that are really close together.

  • Avoid logos or fluorescent colours. 

  • Avoid wearing anything you would play sports or go to the gym in, (unless you're doing something like a branding session for your yoga studio of course!)

  • Consider picking a base colour and styling neutral colours around it. For example, burgundy as a main colour and beige or light denim as accent colours


Each session is unique and each suggestion might not work for your particular vision. I am always happy to make personalized suggestions and you are more than welcome to share images and ideas with me so that we can make sure you look 10/10 for your session!


I am pleased to accept payment via Interac E-transfer to kaylalefrancphoto@gmail.com, cash and through online credit card payments. All this information will be outlined in the invoice you receive after you book your session. 

How can I make a payment?

I require a retainer which is a payment that retains the date and time you have selected for your session. This retainer is usually 25% of the total amount of services initially booked. 

Do you require a deposit?


Each session is different but I always promise to have the images delivered within 30 days after the session. 

I am always open to communication and you are always welcome to reach out to me about any questions you have about your session and the gallery!

When can I expect to recieve my images?

I am currently based out of London, Ontario and Hamilton, Ontario I have a studio space in The Cotton Factory! I am also happy to serve other areas by travelling for a small fee. 

Where are you based and do you travel?